The Academy Council are group of people who make important decisions about the running of the school. This can include anything from decisions about employing new staff to how to spend the school's budget. Their role is to hold the Principal to account and to ensure that the school is well run and successful. Governors come from all walks of life and share a commitment to the children at Frederick Nattrass.

Each Governor is a Portfolio Holder for an area of academy improvement - this means that they work with the academy leadership team to monitor performance of this area.

Northern Education Trust

Stockton-on-Tees Primary Combined Academy Council

Membership with voting rights

John R Taylor ChairSponsor Governor

Keith Morrison Vice ChairSponsor Governor

Debra MurphyExecutive Principal

Emma RoffePrincipal Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy

Elizabeth PollittPrincipal The Oak Tree Primary Academy

Michelle Randall-Harris Principal Norton Primary Academy

Peter ParishSponsor Governor (Link for T&L Norton)

Lorna McLeanSponsor Governor (acting Link for T&L Frederick Nattrass)

Angela StephensonParent Governor (Link for T&L The Oak Tree)

Andrew JenningsSponsor Governor (Link for Outcomes Frederick Nattrass)

Shaun HaywoodSponsor Governor (Link for Outcomes Norton)

Donna ParkSponsor Governor (Link for Outcomes The Oak Tree)

Jill BinksSponsor Governor (Link for Community The Oak Tree)

Bob CookSponsor Governor (Link for Community Norton)

Steve NelsonSponsor Governor (Link for Community Frederick Nattrass)

Phil SteelSponsor Governor (Link for Health and Safety)

Lois KirtonSponsor Governor (Link for Finance Frederick Nattrass)

Max PatrickSponsor Governor

Tony Birch Sponsor Governor

Carolyn MintoStaff Governor (The Oak Tree)

Holly BurtonStaff Governor (Frederick Nattrass)

VacancyParent Governor (Frederick Nattrass)

VacancyParent Governor (Link for Finance Norton)

Andrew CowanStaff Governor (Norton)

Rob TarnChief Executive

Also invites to:

Gareth EdmundsChief Operating and Finance Officer or nominee

Kath HullFinance Officer for all three academies

David BrownDirector of Governance (NET)

Diane GreavesGovernor Support (NET)

Clerk to the Academy Council - Katie Gallagher

Behaviour Committee

John Taylor (Chair)

Shaun Haywood

Donna Parks

Phil Steel

Lorna McLean

Other volunteers to be trained

Staff governors could be invited to serve on this committee providing they didn't attend when the discussion is about a pupil from their own school.

OFSTED and NET Review visit key governorsL&T and Outcomes

John Taylor

Peter Parish

Lorna McLean

Angela Stephenson

Andrew Jennings

Shaun Haywood

Donna Park

Phil Steel

Other volunteers to be trained

Other Link Governor positions

Safeguarding including Prevent(The Oak Tree)Phil Steel

Safeguarding including Prevent (Frederick Nattrass)Lorna McLean

Safeguarding including Prevent (Norton)Shaun Haywood

Looked After Children (Norton)Andrew Cowan

Looked After Children (Frederick Nattrass)Lorna McLean

Looked After Children (The Oak Tree)Phil Steel

SEND Link Governor (The Oak Tree)Phil Steel

SEND Link Governor (Frederick Nattrass)Lorna McLean

SEND Link Governor (Norton)Peter Parish

31st January 2018

Governors Term of office & Pecuniary Interests

We are always looking for new governors - if you are interested please speak to the principal or contact the school office.

Governors commit to attending a minimum of four meetings each term (a total of twelve meetings a year), although additional meetings may be arranged.

Register of Governor Interests