Sport Premium

From September 2013 the Department for Education is providing funding to every primary school to ensure there is a clear legacy for young people from the 2012 London Olympics. This is intended to:

  • Provide pupils with access to high quality sports coaching
  • Enable pupils to experience a wider range of sports
  • Widen pupil participation in sport
  • Widen participation in competitive sports
  • Create a sustainable legacy for sport within the primary school

Miss McFarlane and Mr Wilson are leading this initiative along with the PE team. For details of current sporting competitions and latest fixture news please see the Pupils section of the website.

For this academic year our Academy has received £18,000 in funding which will be spent as follows:

  • The employment of a Sports and Fitness TA to support pupils throughout school both within lessons, during break / lunchtimes and after school
  • Extending the range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs for children across school
  • Widen pupil participation in sport and fitness based activities including Change 4 Life clubs and Fit in Five
  • Raise the profile of sports and fitness through participation of a Sports Council
  • Access to a greater range of competitions both within the North Stockton cluster and beyond
  • Access to further professional development opportunities for staff throughout school

Sports Premium Funding 2018/2019
Sports Premium Funding 2017/2018
Sports Premium Financial Impact Report 2017/18
Sports Premium Funding 2016/2017