Sport Premium

Every primary school receives additional funding to improve sport in school.

2017-2018 Funding -

2016-2017 Funding -

In 2015-2016 we received approximately ?9,000 funding for the year which was spent on:

  • ?3,000 for specialist PE teaching from secondary school PE staff for Year 5/6 to improve the skills of all pupils and upskill our teachers
  • ?4,000 for qualified coaches to teach skills required for sport to all children in school through lessons and extra curricular activities
  • ?2,000 to allow talented children to excel in their chosen sport - entry to competitions, specialist coaching where necessary

Impact of provision

  • 60 children accessed specialist teaching in a variety of sports each week
  • 2 teachers were upskilled in the delivery of high quality sports lessons
  • 52 Key Stage 2 children in total took part in inter-school athletics tournaments
  • 24 children played in competitive football matches with other schools
  • 90 children from Year 1 - Year 6 participated in after school sport - football, cricket, basketball, gymnastics, dance
  • 5 children reached the Tees Valley finals in athletics