Behaviour & Rewards

At Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy we aim to teach your children to respect others and take responsibility for their own behaviour.


It is also necessary to teach children the consequences of making the wrong choices. A child needs to have very clear boundaries and needs to learn that there will be a consequence if they do not follow the rules. We ask for your support in reinforcing these expectations so that your child learns not to repeat the same behaviour again; there is also a structured system of expectations and consequences.

We also have a very effective Anti-Bullying Policy, all information is included in our Expectations for Learning Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy which are both available on the Policies page.



Our Exclusion Policy is outlined in our new Expectations for Learning policy.


At Frederick Nattrass we are all part of different teams and colours, based on our favourite authors.

Rowling's Wizards!

Donaldson's Gruffalos!

Walliam's Billionaires!

Roald Dahl's BFGs!

Each child is assigned to a team and are rewarded with team points for their team! At the end of each term, the team with the most points is rewarded with a treat of their choice.