Curriculum Statement

Our Aims
At Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy our aim is to educate our pupils to be confident, articulate and caring members of their community with a sense of fairness and justice, and with the ability to stand up for what is right. We want them to leave us with high aspirations and the confidence to achieve their dreams in their chosen career.

What makes our school special?
To achieve these aims we have a curriculum that is based around the arts. During their time at our school every child will:
- Visit the theatre every year to see a performance either linked to their learning or a pantomime

- Work with a specialist drama teacher in school to develop their own skills of performing, speaking and confidence. Perform in whole school musical productions at least once a year- Develop a love of singing through whole class and whole school singing
- Have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in Year 4 (currently the Ukulele)
- Have the opportunity to perform a Shakespeare play at the theatre in Year 5
- Take part in large scale musical and dance opportunities in the local community, performing in Stockton Riverside Festival, with The Young Americans, Choir festivals with other schools amongst other things

- Produce large scale art and design projects linked to every topic, building up a bank of skills
- Have choice over creative homework projects linked to the topic that they can engage in with their parents (e.g. building castles, making cakes, photography)
- Have the opportunity to sing, perform and speak to an audience in different settings such as the local church, secondary schools, public events in the community


- Have choice over curriculum enrichment in the arts every week ie model making, music, singing, drama, textiles, cookery etc
- Develop the confidence to be proud of the contribution that they can make

All of this is achieved through the employment of specialist teachers, development of staff expertise and a cross-curricular topic curriculum with an emphasis on creativity.

An important part of our curriculum is our list of 'Essential Experiences' -

Essential experiences

At Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy we follow the National Curriculum in all year groups. We have also adapted the curriculum to suit the needs of our children:


  • Read Write Inc lessons are phonics lessons that are taught to every child in the school until they can successfully read. Phonics is the teaching of the sounds that letters make. This is a structured scheme with lessons running every morning from 9.00 until 10.00. Children are divided into small groups based on their ability rather than their age.
  • Intervention Programmes run every afternoon for any child who is at risk of falling behind in reading, writing or maths. Identified children will be withdrawn from class for up to 20 minutes a day for one-to-one teaching

Curriculum by Year Group

Our long term curriculum overviews are here, split into year groups -


From January 2016 we have adapted our curriculum to more closely follow the new National Curriculum requirements for all subjects (we have been following the new National Curriculum for English, maths, science and computing since 2014)

There are further details about our curriculum in the sections below -